Spiders on drugs

29 03 2009

A funny video i saw on youtube. It seems to be serious at first but you will soon see, its not.


What did she say?

26 03 2009

watch and laugh.

Note: I do not own this video. Just want to share it


Saturday Night Live – Giraffes!

11 03 2009

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen on SNL. I was depressed at first because it was not on the internet but after a few months… Yay. Please watch. Comment.

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This video is not owned by me and I am not affiliated with NBC.


Times Square Panda

9 03 2009

I have been meaning to write this on this post for a few weeks now but I haven’t been able to.

So on February 15th I went down to Manhattan to see Chicago and on out way to dinner at a restaurant near times square, I spotted a panda in Times Square. Not a real panda but a man dressed an a panda. I could tell that it was a fat bum who mad a costume so he could get paid by people to take pictures. I did not want to take a picture WITH a man like that but I had to take one OF him.

And if it isn’t funny enough, on February 21st I spotted him in the gap…

So yeah. comment and tell me what you think or if you spot him


Oh no a bear!

2 03 2009

My HP laptop came with CyberLink PowerDirector and I was testing it with vista sample video and audio. I posted it on YouTube and now I post it here. It is only about 40 seconds so please watch it. Please.


Why hasn’t Apple come out with a touch tablet yet?

1 03 2009

I think I know why. Everyone knows that apple waits for windows to come out with their stuff so they can see what is in it and make theirs better. That is sorta what I think is going in in their headquarters… We all know there could have been a touch tablet by now but it would be like any old pc. Behind the big apple shaped doors they are probably working on a new OS that will make touch technology better. It will have things that are cool. I thought that they would have sensors near the dock so when you hover you finger over, the icons zoom up, similar to when you mouse over the dock in the current version.

What do you think is going on at apple? Leave a comment.


PS: I’m a PC!

i got in

21 02 2009

i sent a screenshot to wow and i got in the winter veil screenshot gallery.